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Muro De Alcoy
Build and Plot
  This property now comes with two options. Either €34995 for a 20,000 sqm plot or as it is for €56,995 for the whole 57,000 sqmIf you purchase a 20,000 sqm the current owner will arrange for the escritura to be split into three, 2 x 20,000sqm plots and one for arable land of the remaining 17,000 sqm. You then get the choice of which plot you want and will have a brand new escritura with the right to build on 2% on the land on two floors. You can of course take on the whole plot and split the escitura yourself and sell off one of the plots. We have legal costings for this now  REDUCED  FOR QUICK SALE DUE TO RELOCATION. WAS €80,000 NOW €56,995!!! Originally purchased for over €130.000 ! Usually, the agent will describe the building but on this opportunity, we cant better the words of the owner, so here they are: Reform an old Finca Farmhouse in 14 fantastic acres OR build from scratch.Water and Electricity, so live on site whilst you do it!15 years ago we bought a 60,000m2 finca with an old farmhouse ruin that is in need of reform. ‘Finca’ is Spanish for an ‘estate’ or ‘farm’ that has a farmhouse or cottage and outbuildings, most often adjacent to woodland and agricultural plantations, but of recent years it has gained the colloquial meaning of a Spanish home in rural setting. Our Finca is in the beautiful old Castled town of Planes, near Muro de Alcoy in the province of Alicante. Inland from Javea, Denia, Gandia and Pego, which is just 35km, this is where the real heart of Spain starts. It's 75km, from Alicante airport and a little longer to Valencia, which takes 50 minutes maximum, now they have finished the Alicante to Valencia motorway that is just 3 miles from the finca towards Muro.The site itself is stunning, south facing and with dramatic views to Muro and beyond over the beautiful mountains of the Sierra Mariola and Sierra de Alfaro. Planes is in the Comtat region and surrounded by some of the most spectacular scenery on the whole of the Costa Blanca. Views over the Serpis River Reservoir are so picturesque and it is quite unexpected to see such a large lake in this gorgeously craggy countryside. The finca has mature olive trees, some well over 100 years old, and they are complimented with cherry, fig and sharon-fruit trees on the gently terraced area of 55,905 sq.mtrs. (14 acres.)As you can see from the photos, the farmhouse is very large and ripe for reform, with a footprint of 228.5 sq.mtrs it means that should you wish you could convert this old house into two floors, it will then give you over 450 sq.mtrs. (4900 sq.feet) of living space, a very big Villa! As the old farmhouse has been there for well over 100 years it really would benefit from a complete reform. You will get a great deal of help and encouragement from the town hall as they have made it very clear that they will be more than pleased to see the area looking good again.From 2003 to late 2006 the land was surveyed twice by Marta Alemany. The surveys along with plans, drawn by architect Susana from Arquitectos Asociados in Muro de Alcoy, were passed to the town council. Several meetings were effected with the Mayor, the town architect and us. They were very impressed that we were prepared to take on such a project, so the outcome of the meetings was very favourable indeed.It was at this time that Spain started slipping into recession, that was when we decided to put things on hold ......Until Now!!We believe this is the right time to start if you want to make real money again. Everybody with spare Pounds or Euros seems to be looking out for ‘bargain investments’ in Spain.This finca in Planes is ready, electricity and water are on the top road bordering the finca, and electricity is also on the bottom main Pego to Muro road. There is a well on site, apparently drinkable, but after we had the offer of ‘aqua potable’, drinking water, from the Town Hall for just €1,000 for installation to the old farmhouse, we paid the bill and have also ‘earmarked’ another four take offs.So apart from the Old Finca Farmhouse, which can be reformed as soon as you wish and WILL double your money, there is also an opportunity here to get much much more if you want to put some time and energy into it. We will give our knowledge freely, should you want us to help get you get started!    So what have we got here? A great opportunity for you to win then win again!! So think about this seriously! Land itself in Spain obviously does have a residual value, so even if it’s just for growing olives and other fruit and does not have the potential that this finca has got, it still has a minimum value, as my old Grandad used to say to me when I was in doubt “buy it cos they ain’t making land anymore”. But ‘what if’ you get ‘urbanisation’ approval? …… Then guess what? You are looking at a land value of at least €3.5 million !! Don’t get too excited it’s more likely that you will only get permission for 2 possibly 3 more Villas.We want to sell it and we will consider anything, and don’t mind how you pay, but obviously there is a figure that we would like. As the Pound and Euro are closer than they were 15 years ago we will accept a break-even situation.Some important ‘NEED to KNOW’ information for you. Obviously you are here looking at property and land in Spain because you want a ‘bargain investment’ or you want to live in Spain. If you have done your homework then you are probably already aware of the Law and Rules you need to adhere to.As the basic planning law in Spain standsNothing less than 20,000 sq.mtrs, 5 acres is needed to build 1 unit. SO UNLESS the land is zoned  ‘Urbano or Urbanisation’ (its value will then range between €250 to €400 per sq mtr.) or the local planner is your cousin, YOU CANNOT BUILD ON LESS THAN 20,000sq.mtrs. ON ANY UNDEVELOPED PLOT. As many people have found out to their detriment.The floor area of any potential Villa can be to a maximum of 2% of the plot area, any naya, outside undercover patiosis up to 3%. So your allowed area on 20,000 sq.mtrs. is 400 sq.mtrs. If you then take say 100sq.mtrs. out of that for your naya and undercover patios you are then allowed to double it..  which effectively gives you a,100sq.ft.) property footprint under one roof. A normal 3 bed semi in the Uk is about 900 sq.ft. Very simple but as you can imagine open to ‘different’ translation by whoever it benefits.Anyway I hope you are interested in my old Finca if not let’s hope you have learned something that will help you in the future. If you wold like to see this property or have any questions, please email with the reference or complete the enquiry form       
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